Register for vessels usually operating outside U.K., C.I. and Ireland

The Register is available in short-form format on the web and at marina reception areas allowing potential charterers to confirm that the boat they have chartered is legal and safe.


Posters advising charters of the risk of boarding an un-coded vessel and a Freephone number for advice and reporting.


The Register is compiled and managed by Christensen  Lloyd  in association with other Certifying  Aurthoriities, Registered vessels will be issued with a ICCVR sticker to assist with easy identification by other operators and members of the public.


If you are viewing the UK Register via a smart phone or table and cannot see the Register below please view via this

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Register: See below if using a PC.


IIf you have any problems viewing the register please contact us direct.

Please call us on 0800 612 8301 0800 612 8301 or use our contact form.


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