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There is a growing number of craft being offered for charter without coding certificates, this is compromising safety and should an accident happen this will reflect on the whole industry.


These operators are cutting costs creating an unlevel playing field and whilst they run the associated risks of probably being un-insured and potential prosecution there is little or no control of their activities.


The MCA and Marine Police have had budgets cut by 25% in the last 4 years creating a reduction in enforcement capabilities creating opportunities for these illegal operators.

It is in the interests of those in the charter industry to self-regulate and work together, reporting non coded vessels operating to preserve the integrity of our businesses.


These illegal operators are putting lives at risk, it's only a matter of time till an accident happens, this will impact on every charter operator. Similar to the effect on all airline bookings following a plane crash.


To achieve our goal of ensuring all vessels offered for charter are coded for safety, either by the MCA Coding Authorities or under Local Authority Certification, it is a requirement that all coded vessels are on a public record register.


The Register will be available in full format on the ICCVR website for owners\operators of vessels on the Register ensuring ease of recognition of registered craft and identification of those operating illegally.

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